Speed Skating Training 

Continuing on Sunday 27th June 2021 our Short Track Speed Skating Training Sessions are open for ALL age groups and Categories...And We Welcome New Skaters!!

On Sunday 20th June we had another awesome training session this week in which we had a great turnout from our club members and visiting skaters. Spirits were high. We had three ability groups catering for all levels and abilities of skaters.  The session, led by head coach Tom and supported by assistant coaches Steve Humber and Helen Kirby, consisted of solid endurance and strength training this week. It was a great session that allowed the athletes to focus on repetitive cadence and skating lines. The session, for the groups one and two consisted of almost 8km of skating of 2 mins of skating with 3mins rest for almost the whole hour. ​​

........all with the aim to get that feeling of smooth and repetitive motion.  Whilst the ice was a little soft it was a great session to develop both core strength and skating technique. Awesome session.     

Our sessions for all ages, abilities and categories are open for either the Mohawks club or visiting clubs. We will continue to be on Sundays at 1800 on-ice.  However please arrive NO LATER than 1730 to warm-up off-ice and also help with the protection barrier pads. We only have 60mins so it is vital we maximise the on-ice time, so please be prompt.

We also warmly (in a cold ice rink) welcome new skaters who wish to join this fantastic club. 

However we request that you (or your guardian) follow a simple registration process so that we can control and manage the number of skaters wanting to train with us.  Please register early each week as demand will be high. Please note that for MIRC club members you do NOT need to receive a formal acceptance once registered. Just register and turn up!  Only visiting skaters will receive confirmation.  

The registration form for Sunday 27th June 2021 is

Alternatively please Click Here and you will be automatically taken to the registration page.

Please also see our guidance on the safe return on our 'Ice Schedule' page or Click Here.  

Be safe, Be healthy, Be sensible. #WashHands #WearFaceMask #GiveSpace

Any others queries then please contact us at


Next Ice Training on Sunday 27th June 2021 for ALL Skaters...Starts in....

About Short Track Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating is a form of competitive ice speed skating. It is one of the most thrilling of all Olympic Winter sports where competitors race directly against each on a 111.12m oval ice track that fits within a traditional ice rink. It is a sport that welcomes and is open to all ages and skating abilities.


Mohawks Ice Racing Club's head coach is Tom Iveson, ex Winter Olympian and TeamGB squad member.  He is supported by a number of ex Olympic and World Championship skaters who help develop the club and future star skaters.


Short Track - Fast, Dynamic, Exciting. Come and join us!

Club Photo - October 2015